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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 05:37:23 GMT
From: Rick L 
Subject: CRD:   Time Passes By         Desert Rose  Band       Chords/Lyrics

Desert Rose Band    Time Passes By  written by Chris Hillman
                                               Steve Hill

G                D        Em                 C
It's morning she wakes me with a soft loving sigh
G                                     D  A  D
Like the sun shining thru the western sky
G                   D
She holds me close against her breast
Em           A
Such a sweet lullaby
C                       D               G
And I'll love her until time passes  me by
G                        D
She's a precious thing a gift from God
Em                C
How can one be so true
G                                       D A D
In a world filled with helplessness and gloom
G                 D
And no one knows just how I feel
Em              A
Just a personal reply
C                        D               G
And I'll love her untill time passes  me by
Cloudy and blue
Our Love shinning through
D                  A
A light from above Heaven's love
C            D
Timeless and true


G                  D
>From ages past and times to come
Em                  C
Love will always be alive
G                                   D A  D
Healing hands of time for those who try
      G        D
I was helpless and so confused
Em                    A
Then you came into my life
C                       D               G
And I'll love her until time passes me  by

       Copyright @ 1988 Bar None Music(BMI)
       From the "Pages Of Life" CD  Curb/MCA Records 1990
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