Desperation Band – Light Of Salvation tab

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Light Of Salvation (Electric)
Desperation Band

Intro (2x)---------------------10-10-7-7-----------------------|-------8-8-7-7-8-8--------------10-10–8-7------------|-9-9-------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1 All around the world You hear now's the time Break the chains and hold them high Hold them high Pre Chorus Em G C G/B Em G C G/B We were made for such a time as this Em G C G/B Em G C To make a difference in the world we live now we live Chorus G D Who's dancing who's singing Em C Who's living a life worth living Em D C We are we are we're shining the light of salvation Who's running who's loving Who's breaking the doors wide open We are we are we're shining The light of salvation Intro Verse 3 Old has turned to something new and beautiful Broken dreams are coming true They're coming true Pre Chorus (Play Intro here only) Chorus
Chorus 2 (2x)Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!We're shining the light of salvation-----------------------12-12-12-10-10-10-------7-7-7-------------------|-8-8-8--12-12-12--------------------------8-8-8--------8-8-8-7-7-7-7---|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|
Brake Am Em G D Am Em G D Bridge (4x) Am Em G We have made our choice we are D Am Em G D We are a generation with one voice to shout of Your salvation Chorus (No one but high hat and clapping on first half) (second half start to build) Chorus Chorus 2 (2x) (Last time end on the Em on second line)
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