Desperation Band – Taking Over Now tab

Taking Over Now (Electric)
Desperation Band

Intro (3x)-2-2-2--9--9---9--4-4-4----4-5-4h5p4p2p0-------------|-2-2-2--10-10-10--5-5-5------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1 (Bass groove) F#m A E F#m Every morning I wake up just to find A E F#m A E Never-ending mercies You made mine I can't deny the joy F#m inside A E D You set my world in motion yeah C#m And I can't stop spinning Chorus A E Jesus You lift me up so high F#m D Above all the things that I A E B C#m D E Could not ever seem to leave behind now A E F#m With You I cannot be stopped D A You are living in my heart E Bm C#m D E Your life is taking over all of me now You're taking over now Intro (1x) Verse 2 All around the world let people sing Of a God who set the captives free Salvation is forever Yours I won't stay silent anymore And I can't stop singing Chorus
Solo (Play Intro 2x then go into)(Hyper pick these notes using a wah)------------------------------------|-10-12-9--10-12-17b19---------------|[x2]------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|------------------------------------|
Chorus (2x) (Electric guitar palm mute then get bigger) Ending F#m A E (Last part of riff)
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