Desperation Band - Magnified chords

Song   : Magnified
Artist : Desperation Band
Album  : Center Of It All
Key    : D
Standard EADGBe tuning

Verse 1
Bm A/C# D We stand in awe
Em D BmOf Your unfailing love
Em D Asus4That has covered us
Bm A/C# D We stand amazed
Em D BmOf Your unending grace
Em D Asus4We cannot repay
G D A Bm G DJesus wonder of the world
Bm A/C#How we love You
G D A BmSavior Son of God
A G Bm D/F# G (A)Be magnified magnified
Verse 2
Bm A/C# D Our hearts bowed low
Em D BmIn your presence Lord
Em D Asus4We are overcome
Bm A/C# D Our hands held high
Em D BmTo declare Your worth
Em D Asus4Your magnificence
G Bm A/C#The heavens can't contain your great love your great love
G Bm A/C#All the earth will rise to say You're the one You're the one
G Bm A/C#Every heart and every soul will declare will declare
G Bm D/F# A G A Bm D/F# AJesus magnified Je - sus magnified
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