This I Know chords with lyrics by Desperation Band - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Desperation Band – This I Know chords

Song   : This I Know
Artist : Desperation Band
Album  : Center Of It All
Key    : F
Standard EADGBe tuning


Verse 1
FWho has stretched out the skies like a canvas
DmWho has scooped up the oceans with his hands
Bb Who has measured the hills from the mountains
FYou have
FWho has given us beauty for ashes
DmWho has broken the chains of the captives
BbWho has rescued our lives with compassion
FYou have
Bb FThis I know You are a great God
Bb FThis I know You are a great God
Dm Bb F C This I know You are the one true God
FYou are a great God
Verse 2
FWho is breaking the curse of injustice
DmWho is calling the nations to Jesus
Bbsus2Who is King of the world let us shout it
FYou are
BbAll Consuming
FBurning Fire
CGlorious One
DmRisen Savior
BbKing Forever
FLove Unending
CBeautiful One
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