Desperation - My Saviour Lives tab

Intro: ( Fuzz stack )----------------------------|----------------------------|-7-------------7------------|--9-9-9-8-9-9-9-9-9-9-------|----------------------------|----------------------------|
Verse:----------------------------|----------------------------|--8-(4x)-9-9-----8-(4x)-6-6-| rpt 2x-9--------------9-----------|----------------------------|----------------------------|
Followed by C#m muted then open Chorus: (Power Chords except the 1st E) B G#m E B E B G#m E B E Then going to the Bridge just play B and E (power chords).
Bridge: Clean guitar-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|-------------------|-9--6---7--11------|-7--4---5--9-------|B G#m A C#m
Followed by the 2nd distorted guitar playing the same chords.
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