Destiny - Fall On My Knees chords

This is the song FALL ON MY KNEES which is track 3 off the Destiny EP, WHY WE LIVE. 

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Fall on my knees    

Em D/F# God I want to love you,
G Amthe way I say I do
Em D/F# I know you gave me everything,
G Amcould I do the same for you?
G D/F#Youíre the one I worship, itís you that I adore
Em CYouíre everything Iím living for
G D/F#Alpha and omega, the name above all names
Em CKing of Kings, my Lord you reign
Em D/F# When daily taking up my cross,
G Amseems a heavy price to pay
Em D/F# I pray youíd stand there by my side,
G Amto remind me why I say
Em D/F# More of you and less of me,
G Amthatís how itís meant to be:
Em D/F# My weakness for your eternal strength;
G Amyour love is changing me
Am EmIíll fall on my knees and Iíll worship you here
G Iím sick of pretending,
Dlet your presence draw near
Am Em Wash away the stain of my sin,
G Das I open my heart to let you in
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