Destroyer 666 - Onward To Arktoga tab

			     ONWARD TO ARKTOGA - Destroyer 666

Tuning: Eb (or standard E actually, just move everything up one fret)

Fig Ae-------------------------|B-------------------------|G-------------------------|D-7-7---------7-7---------| 2xA-7-7---------7-7---------|E-5-5-8~--7~--5-5-8~--7~--|
Fig Be-----------------------------|B-----------------------------|G-----------------------------|D-7-7----7-7----7-7----7-7----|A-7-7-8"-7-7-5"-7-7-8"-7-7-5"-|E-5-5----5-5----5-5----5-5----|
Then go back to fig. A and repeat the whole thing until the bell starts to toll and really epic. " = tremolo pick
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