Destroyer – Rubies tab


Dueling cyclones jackknife
They got eyes for your wife
        C                       F
and the blood that lives in her heart

FM7 G FM7 G2nd guitar:e---------------------------------------------|B-------3--5-----3~~~~~~~-----3--5------------|G--3P5--------5----------3P5--------5~~~~~~~--|D---------------------------------------------|A---------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------|
FM7 Cast myself towards infinity - Trust me, I had my reasons G Had a dress for every season, it was worth it FM7 Pulled into town relatively free of hassle - I G Secured a room at the castle, it paid for itself FM7 Checked out my surroundings, headed down to Thornton Park G Find your way, discover that things are dark FM7 Shadowy figures babbling on about typical bullshit G I wave bye to them in a modern way C* Am* and increase my stay at the dock of the bay
C* Am*e-----------------------------------------------------|B--------5--6--8~~~~~~~~------5--6--5~~~~6--5~~~~-----|G--5--7-----------------5--7---------------------7p5--|D-----------------------------------------------------|A-----------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------|
(same as first) Quiet, Ruby, someone's coming Approach with stealth Oh, it's just your precious American Underground and it is born of wealth With not a writer in the lot Sapphires vie for your attention She dances they mean well in their way The Priest says "Please, I can't stand my knees And I can't bear her raven tresses caught up in the breeze like that!" C* Am* C* Am* FM7 G FM7 G FM7 G FM7 G (same as first) Thats it doctor, do your worst Cut me open, remove this thirst Hidden, but near A series of visions, I won't repeat them here I won't repeat them here C* Am* C* Am* FM7 G Typical me, typical me FM7 G I gave my cargo to the sea FM7 I gave the water what it always wanted to C Am C be Ahhhhhhh Ahhhh Ah Ah AhAh Am Ahhhhhhh Ahhhh Ah Ah FM7 "Look to the West! G FM7 G Ah, look, it's no contest" - Proud Mary said as she lit the fuse FM7 G I wanted you. I wanted your blues FM7 G C* Am* - Yo-ur Blues C* Am* FM7 G "All good things must come to an end FM7 G The bad ones just go on forever" FM7 Isn't that what I just said? G It is Now and it is Never FM7 It is Now and it is Never G It is Now and it is Never C It is Now and it is Never Am C Ahhhhhhh Ahhhh Ah Ah AhAh Am Ahhhhhhh Ahhhh Ah Ah FM7 G FM7 G (Da Da's) FM7 G FM7 G FM7 G FM7 G FM7 G FM7 G
(then fingerpick something like this: FM7 Ge--------0------0------0---------------0------0------0--------|B----1------1------1-----1---1----3------3------3-----3---3---|G------2------2------2-----2--------4------4------4-----4-----|D--3-----3------3------3--------5-----5------5------5---------|A-------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------|
and when the lyrics come back in it the same chords but in half the time) FM7 G Don't worry about her, she's been known to appreciate FM7 G FM7 G the elegance of an empty room - Look I made you this broom FM7 G A predicate warning to the sun - this Night advances Am! Am$ C! C7! (see Below) on...
Am! Am$ C! C7!e---12---8----X----X------|B---13---10---8----8------|G---14---9----9----9------|D-------------10---8------|A-------------10---10-----|E-------------------------|
FM7 The sketchy crowd shows me drawings, they're alright G An alternately dim and frightful waste FM7 Now come on honey let's go outside G You disrupt the world's disorder just by virtue of your grace, you know FM7 G FM7 G - I didn't want to go - but leave I must... FM7 As gratifying as this dust was C! C7! Am! Am$ C! C7! Am! Am$ C! C7! F G Please don't wake me from this - my golden slumber - F I am proud to be a part of this number! C! C7! Am! Am$ C! C7! Am! Am$ C! C7! FM7 G FM7 G (Da Da's) FM7 G FM7 G FM7 G FM7 G FM7 G FM7 G (tabbed by shmortisborg)
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