Destruction – Thrash Till Death tab

Destruction - Thrash Till Death
Submitted By: Nick S.

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"Thrash Till Death tab." I'm not sayin' what stuff is palm-muted 'cause you can
figure that out by listening to the song. This is the first Destruction tab at 
, & if you've got an appetite for more Destruction tabs E-mail
me w/ a request, but it has to be a guitar tab from this album. View this tab
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Riff 1 (There are 2 possible ways to play this part. Here's the first:)A--------------------------------------------5/8----------E-3p2-00-00-00-3p0-00-00-00-3p2-00-00-00-3p2-3/6--0-3-2---
or maybe it's played like this:A-5/4----------5----------5/4----------5/4-5/8----------E-3/2-00-00-00-3-00-00-00-3/2-00-00-00-3/2-3/6--0-3-2---Both of these are basically the same thing so play it which ever way you prefer.
Riff 2 D-5--5--3--5--5-------------A-3--3--1--3--3--6--6--6----E----------------4--4--4----
Riff 3A----------------12----------------12----------------4-3-4-3-2---E-0000-13-12-13----0000--13-12-13----0000-13-12-13--2-1-2-1-0---
Riff 4 E-22212-2-1-0-22212-2-1-0-44434-3-4-4-44434-0h3p0---- Song order: Riff 1 8x Riff 2 4x Riff 1 4x Riff 2 6x Riff 3 4x Riff 1 6x Riff 2 6x Riff 3 4x Riff 4 4x Riff 1 twice Riff 2 4x Riff 3 4x Riff 4 twice then end with
"Don't let your mind rot and follow the masses; the dictators of cruelty won't break our will! Thrash till death!" - Destruction
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