Deus - Bad Timing tab

			     BAD TIMING - dEUS
Tabbed by snowball

Tuning: eBGDAE

Intro (sustained throughout the whole song)e[-------|-----------------------------------------------------------------]B[--5~~--|--5~~--\4-/5-/10-/12-/5~-\4-/5-----------------------------------]G[-------|-----------------------------------------------------------------]D[-------|-----------------------------------------------------------------]A[-------|-----------------------------------------------------------------]E[-------|-----------------------------------------------------------------] Mauro uses lots of effects and a ‘sustain device’, example:
Verse: (first on acoustic guitar, later on electric with distortion) Am G F F Am G F F Am G F F D D F G and back to Am Chorus: Am G F F Am G F F Am G F F E E G G# and back to Am Special bit after “Didn’t even try”: C D Am Am C D Am Am C D Am Am E E G G# and back to Am
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