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Deus – Ghost chords

Here are the chords to this awesome song.
This is the way me and my band play it, I believe it's quite accurate,
Enjoy! ;)

dEUS - Ghost

Am | Dm | G | F
Am | Dm | G | F E

Am Never one to miss out on a shebang
DmI threw one myself with the usual gang
FJust a couple of girls And a couple of guys
GGet up, stand up, get organized
AmI couldn't help thinking I'd seen it before
DmA human pyramid on the seventh floor
FOh, but the worst part was I knew I'd see it again
GIt made my heart sink in I had a sip of my gin
------------------------------------------------------------------ CHORUS (Same as intro) (So now I'm) Stuck in the middle What's it all for It's giving me so little I want more You and me together We will chasing ghosts away You and me together Today VERSE (lead guitar plays some melody this time) CHORUS ------------------------------------------------------------------ BREAK (just lead guitar and bass, not quite sure what they play) ------------------------------------------------------------------ CHORUS ------------------------------------------------------------------ Evil ending: A | A
||: A | B | C B F | A E | A C | F E | Eb | E :|| (2nd time singer kicks in)
Fifth and final time play these notes over the chords: ||: A - Ab - G - A - Ab - G - A - Ab :|| Sunrise at the edge of my glass Casting its hellish light over the inevitable Future memories like truncated dailies From the shoot of life We've saved our lovemiles baby We're the cabin crew of cupid's company Chasing ghosts away They go, they're going, they're gone! Watch them skate over an acre of nostalgia Slipping and sliding over the thinning ice of time Scared of being the demon Tired of being ignored Cause unless you breathe them back into existence They will be bored Like a junkie without the snort Like a jock without the sport You let them run ------------------------------------------------------------------ End on E on the 4th quarter note.
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