Deus - Magik Hour tab

The Magic Hour

trans. by Avi

This is from the version tom played at dranouter 4/8/2000...

Verse ?chords are basically C / Emthe finger picking is this... ___________________________________ ________________ / this twice \ / four times \e|----3-------0----------3-----0-------|---0-----0--------|B|------0-------0---0------0-----0---0-|-----0-----0----0-|G|-------------------------------------|------------------|D|-------------------------------------|------------------|A|-3-------3------3----3-----3-----3---|-2-----2------2---|E|-------------------------------------|------------------|
Bridge ? C / D
kinda like... ____________________________ / play twice \e|----------------|-------------|--5?-|B|--------5-------|-------7-----|--7--|G|------5---5---5-|-----7---7---|--7--|D|----5-------5---|---7-------7-|--7--|A|--3-------------|-5-----------|--5--|E|----------------|-------------|-----|
Chorus ? simply strum... G / C / G / C G / A / C *u don't play the last C but go back to the C from the Verse*
Outro ? Em C D G G/F#e|--0--|--0--|--2--|--3--3--|B|--0--|--1--|--3--|--3--3--|G|--0--|--0--|--2--|--0--0--|D|--2--|--2--|--0--|--0--0--|A|--2--|--3--|-----|--2--2--|E|--0--|-----|-----|--3--2--|
Beautiful as always. :-)
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