Deus – Gimme The Heat tab

Gimme The Heat

trans. by Avi & Joost Botman & Stewart & Sergio Rebola 

Intro/Verse - e|-------0--|----------0--|B|-------0--|----------0--|G|--11b--9--|----------9--|D|------10--|-------7/-10-|A|--9b---0--|-7-8-7----0--|E|----------|-------------|
Bridge ("I'll suck the flame...") - e|-----------|---------------|B|-----------|-------------8-|G|-----------|-----------8---|D|-----------|---------7-----|A|---9-------|---9---0-------|E|-7---7-6-3-|-7---7---------|
Chorus ("some erotic feel...") - G D Ae|--3--|--2---2--|--0--|B|--3--|--3---3--|--2--|G|--0--|--0h2-2--|--2--|D|--0--|--0---0--|--2--|A|--2--|---------|--0--|E|--3--|---------|-----|
with this riff - e|------5-|--------5-|--------5-|B|--------|----------|----------|G|-7-7----|-7-7-7----|-7-7-7----|D|--------|----------|----------|A|--------|----------|----------|E|--------|----------|----------|
Bridge ("then I look...") - Bm A G e|------2--|------0--|--3--|B|------3--|------2--|--3--|G|--4-4-4--|--2-2-2--|--0--|D|--4-4-4--|--2-2-2--|--0--|A|--2-2-2--|--0-0-0--|--2--|E|---------|---------|--3--|
"Flickered for a minute and then was gone" -e|-------------------------------------0--|B|-------------------------------------0--|G|---------------------------11-11-11--9--|D|-9-7--------------------------------10--|A|----10-9-10-9-10-9-10-9-10-----------0--|E|----------------------------------------|
then the guitar play descending Dm arpeggios like this - e|-------18-----------------17-----------------16------------------|B|----20----20----20-----19----19----19-----18----18----18-etc...--|G|-19----------19-----18----------18-----17----------17------------|D|-----------------------------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Then the cellos & violins play this 3 times -e|---------|B|---------|G|-4-4-4/5-|D|-4-4-4/5-|A|-2-2-2/3-|E|---------|
Before the last chorus - Ae|-----------|--------0-0-0-------------|B|-----------|--------2-2-2-(hold the A-|G|-------3---|--------2-2-2-until the --|D|---4---3-5-|---4----2-2-2----chorus)--|A|-2---2-1-5-|-2---2--0-0-0-------------|E|---------3-|--------------------------|
...and that's also the Outro after Stef's part and at the real end - e|---------------0--|B|---------------0--|G|-11-12—11vib---9--|D|--------------10--|A|-9--10—9vib----0--|E|------------------|
"some" of the lyrics with the chords - Bm A G I'll suck the flame to me Bm A I'll suck it in, I'm o.k. I should be ...verse again Bm A G I'll suck the flame to me Bm A I'll suck it in G D A G D A G D A G Some erotic feel, keeps coming on, it's so unreal, I come undone Bm A G then I look back (I find a frame already built) Bm A G when I look back (it's still waiting to be filled) Bm A G I find it had flickered for a minute and then it was gone G D A G D A G Some erotic feel, Keeps coming on, It's so unreal D A G D A G D A G I come undone, Some shady deal, Despite the black D A G D A G the light gets in, through every crack ...this is juts a 'taste' of the lyrics with the chords so you'd understand the rhythm, I think it's enough cause it all just repeats itself, and stef's part is like the bridge.
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