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From: "Claes-Coenen" 
Subject: d/deus/little_arithmetics.crd
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 19:10:45 +0200

- Title: Little Arithmetics
- Artist: dEUS
- Album: In a bar, Under the sea
- Date: 31st May 1998 (First version)
- Tabbed by: Bruno Claes (
- Chords by: Bruno Claes

In this song the strumming rhytm is important. Just find it out by playing
along with your CD.

Am:     002210
C:      032010
F7:     003210
F7add2: 003213

Intro:E----------0-------3-------------- E-----6-------6-----|B------------0-------------------- B-----6-------6-----|G--------------2------------------ G-----8-------8-----|D--------------------------------- D-----8-------8-----|A--0------------------------------ A-----6-------6-----|E--------------------------------- (2x) E-----6-------6-----|
Am - C - F7 - F7add2 Verse I: Am C F7 F7add2 Into temptations over in doubt, Black light, neonlight into my house, Talking, talking, talking a-bout, Out of frustration, over in doubt. Chorus: C G Am Hold me now, hoping that you can explain, F Little arithmetics C G Am Got me down, they're fooling me again and again, F F G Am Little arithmetics, little arithmetics, got me down. C - F7 - F7add2 Verse II: - Same chords as verse I - Sometimes I feel like I'm over and out, Sometimes I feel like the day is the night, Into temptations over in doubt, Talking, talking, talking about. Interlude: - Play the intro again - Chorus: - Play the chorus - Coda: - Freaking out with those chords: F - G
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