Devendra Banhart - So Long Old Bean tab

Im not too sure about the part at the very end of
the song, but its pretty close I think. And I think
there's probaby a more accurate way to play the Em,
but try it out.

"So Long Old Bean"

Em*    Em7*

3      3
5      3
4      4
0      x
x      x
x      x

Em* Well these days I'm spread so thin D I'm getting carried up by the wind Am Every time you get high G D You might see me floating by Em* Well so long old bean D it's been a dream being with you Am I couldn't tell us apart G D oh and I know neither could you G Bm Am D Don't tread on me G Bm When you float downstream Am D on a moonbeam Em7* G D G (slide e-string 3rd - 5th fret) Soooo long old bean Em7* G D G Soooo long old bean Here comes the Mapinguari singing awww when's there gonna be an end to wondering when all of our troubles are gonna end 'cause we've had our fill of finding our empty pockets emptier still and there probably won't be an end to that my friends Now that my tralala's are dating little sips of the Hollywood bowl they mute up my mind how kind of them to mellow mellow mellow my soul well they're the gambling kind as smooth as a tuba' ass on the dole money never beats soul how noble Don't forget me when you float downstream on a moonbeam So long old bean So long old bean Em7* Bm Am C Am I'm the little fire fly D C G landing on you tabbed by shmortisborg
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