Devendra Banhart – My Ships chords

Devendra Banhart - My Ships

This song revolves around Em, Gb5add6 (written below as G*) and B7. These three chords, 
as stated below, are fingerpicked throughout the song.

My ships are frozen sticks, they lay stuck to the floor
My wrists and my breasts are bleeding bricks, they don't float anymore
And my tongue, it's a carbon scroll, ..doesn't burn anymore
And my friends are all useless lens, they don't see anymore
And all my chicks are all useless hens, they don't lay anymore
And my fists are plastic dice, they're the shape of the sun

And my love is a so long song gone forevermore
And I live where I, yeah I love where I, and I like where I live

Em G* B7e|-0--3--2--|B|-0--5--0--|G|-0--4--2--|D|-2--5--1--|A|-2--4--2--|E|-0--------|
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