Devendra Banhart – Todo Los Dolores tab

SONG: Todo Los Dolores
ARTIST: Devendra Banhart
ALBUM: Rejoicing In The Hands

This is the basis of the song, but I Can't figure out the harmony that he sings and 
though. This is based off of the C chord and then switches to the G in the "Pono Savey" 
Yo hablo muy muy poco Espanol Y I know the title of this sings means "every dollar." Great Record.

C --> Pluck, using thumb for * G --> StrumE---------------------------------------------3-------------------|A--3*----------3*-----------------------------2-------------------|D----2--2*-------2--2*----------Pono Savey...-0-------------------|G----0----0------0----0-----------------------0-------------------|B----1----1------1----1-----------------------0-------------------|e---------0-----------0-----------------------3-------------------|
If you can tab the harmony part, please do.
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