Devendra Banhart - Lazy Butterfly tab

Lazy Butterfly
Devendra Banhart
"Cripple Crow" 2005
Tabbed by Hart Needles
This is a very mellow song for all the calm cats out there.

Lazy butterfly napping on me dreamin' of the sky and rolly-pollies
A                  C
wake-up, wake-up, clouds are comin' clouds are comin'
A                       C                                Dm
wake-up wake-up rain's, rains a' fallin' rains a fallin'
Colours in my eye are staring at me anchor at my side
                      A                 C
as sweet as silver pleasure, pleasure don't, don't forget her
A                C
lover, lover i won't forget her,  i won't forget her

And the remaining lyrics...

Brown eyed lullaby singing at me
Come on, come on, try and catch me, try and catch me
Come on, come on, try and catch m, try and catch me

Cotton old cloud smoke I know he feels it
Rising from an oak because I feel it
He burn, he burn, mesmerizing, mesmerizing
He burn, he burn, hypnotizing, hypnotizing

Hopeful wise old worm in his temple
Digging in the dirt staying simple
Married, married, to the desert to the desert
Climbing, climbing, up a ladder up a ladder

Purple hummingbird in the meadow
Suckling at the flow of its shadow
See the day fit your fist in, fit your fist in
It's never too late, I'd like to think so, I'd like to think so

Knife stuck in her paw someone help her
Gather sticks and straw and build it shelter
Don't you, don't you, let her die yeah, let her die yeah
Don't let, don't let, let her die yeah, let her die yeah

at one point there is a blues lick being played on what sounds like a sitar, which goes 
like this...

and that's all. I've been working on an arrangement of this in DADGAD for solo acoustic, you're up to it give it a whirl, its pretty easy.
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