Devil Doll - It Was Raining chords

                             “It Was Raining” – Devil Doll

Tabbed by: TaTushka90E-mail:
Tuning: Standard ****The chord progression is consistent throughout the entirety of the song, but I would suggest starting with just the top "bass" strings{E & A}, and then within the second Verse utilize some basic finger picking, slowly leading up to strumming the whole chord.**** Progression{Bar Chords}:
F# C# B A B……….e|------2-----------9-----------7-----------5------------7---------------|B|------2-----------9-----------7-----------5------------7---------------|G|------2-3---------9-10--------7-8---------5-6----------7-8-------------|D|------2--4--------9---11------7--9--------5--7---------7--9------------|A|------2--4--------9---11------7--9--------5--7---------7--9------------|E|------2-----------9-----------7-----------5------------7---------------|
Dreamy Slide Break:
F# C#"It was raining the day you left me
B A B....etcDid you think of me when you left
Here I stand alone and waiting For lightning to strike me twice in my life And you know when there's no one left here To hold your hand dear And then you slowly walk away It's been raining since the day you left me Can't get dry since you lied to me Tried to drown but I just kept comin' Up for air I can't seem to die don't know why And it hurts so bad I can taste you Can't escape you I feel you everywhere I go... {Slide Break} It's been raining..."
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