Devil Makes Three - Tow chords

Devil Makes Three - Tow  tab by Valentino Garosi

Capo on third

Em AmSomeone left a child and did not even care
Em B7Before the first shots of the battle here had even pierced the air
Em AmYes, they run now like them children to those arms of mother earth
Em B7Trying to pretend as if there was a day before their very birth
B7 ABut, me I just grab these ropes that me and mine have left behind
C B7And I stare up to that mountain that I know I got to climb
Em Am I keep towin that line Mmmmmm
Em B7 I keep towin that line Mmmmmm
Em AmBut,down in basements choked with smoke child of the past
Em B7All them dreams come up for air round here but they can only gasp
Em AmAll them old men they sit staring as life slips out of their grips
Em B7Only to fall and disappear beyond their cracked old fingertips
REPEAT CHORUS BREAK Em / Am / Em / B7 / B7 / A / C / B7
Em Am I keep towin that line Mmmmmm
Em B7I keep towin that line Mmmmmm
Em Am But down in ditches by that road I call my own
Em B7All of you come a cussin' now all and all just throwing stones
Em Am Yes they're big men now to settle down and life's so stale and cold
Em B7As if I could spend my life the way they do just as they're told
B7 ASo if you should find me living low when the miles have passed me by
C B7And it seems that I have left now all that I could love behind
Em AmI'm just towin that line Mmmmmm
Em B7 I'm just towin that line Mmmmmm
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