Devin The Dude – What A Job chords

Left handed
I was wondering what kind of stuff the guitar was playing in the background and couln't 
find anything useful, so I tried to figure it out myself...
I'm pretty sure it's not 100% accurate, but it sounds at least partially right...


G#m E D#m-----7------7------6------|-----9------9------7------|-----8------9------8------|-----6------9------8------|-----x------7------6------|-----x------x------x------|
(or you put a capo on the 6th fret, so you don't have to cripple your hand with the G#m that much...) [chorus:]
G#m ERollin' up another swisha listenin' to the beat again
D#m G#mDrankin' but we concentratin' smoke another sweet again
G#m ESteadily rewindin' trying to make some hot shit
D#m G#mOh what a job this is
Another all nighter tryin' to get it done Barely make it home with the morning sun Baby mother thinking that you on some other shit Oh what a job this is and so on ... I hope I could help and if you got any ideas or suggestions, please post them
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