Devo – Fraulein tab

Greetings, Beautiful Mutants! Here is yet another installment of devolved tablature for you!
DEVO: Fraulein
Tabbed By Maxwell1981
You'll be playing this... endlessly:
On the 3rd verse, the main riff is played an octave higher:e|-10'9--8-----------|B|8-----8-8'11-8-8'10|G|-------------------|D|-------------------|A|-------------------|E|-------------------|
This is played twice at the end of each verse:e|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|-----0/3'3'3'3'3'3'3'3'3'3----------|D|5-5-----------------------5-5-------|A|5-5-----------------------5-5-------|E|3-3-----------------------3-3-------|
--- HELPFUL TIPS: >The empty space at the end of riff #3 represents the pause where the synths come in. >Your cues for riff 3 in the song are “fills up the empty TANKS” in verse 2 and “be here till the end... PUMPIN'” in verse 3. >Keep in mind that a forward slash (/) represents sliding up the fretboard; an accent mark (') represents a separation of notes that isn't there-it's intended to distinguish one note from another. >Fun Fact: By learning this song, you also have learned to play Ray Scott's cartoon classic, “Powerhouse”.
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