Devo – Gut Feeling tab

Tabbed by: Ben Aitken

Tuning: G1 Electric: Standard
        G2 Electric: Standard

E5   |0 2 2 x x x|
G5   |3 5 5 x x x|
C5   |x 3 5 5 x x|
A5   |5 7 7 x x x|
D5   |x 5 7 7 x x|
D    |x 5 7 7 7 x|
C    |x 3 5 5 5 x|

|E5 |G5 |C5 |A5 |D5 | |E5 |G5 | Something about the way you taste |C5 |A5 |D5 | Makes me want to clear my throat There's a message to your movements that Really gets my goat I looked for sniffy linings but you're Rotten to the core I've had just about all I can take You know I can't take it no more Got a gut feeling Centered 'round long time ago On your ability to torment Then you took your tongs of love and Stripped away my garment Got a gut feeling |D |C |D | |D |C |D | |
|:D |C |D |D :||--10----10----10----|-8---8---8---|-10----10----10----|-10----10----10-----||-----10----10----10-|---8---8---8-|----10----10----10-|----10----10----10--||.-------------------|-------------|-------------------|-------------------.||.-------------------|-------------|-------------------|-------------------.||--------------------|-------------|-------------------|--------------------||--------------------|-------------|-------------------|--------------------|
|D |C | Slap your mammy down, slap your pappy down a- |D | | Gain Oh move it up and down now Oh move it all around now ===============================================================================
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