Devon Werkheiser - If Eyes Could Speak tab version 1

Official way to play if eyes could speak devon werkheiser
*NOTE* all chords are bar chords!!!!!!!
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Pt. 1 Guitar 1 U D U D U DE---------9--9--------9--9-------9--9------9-------|B---------10--10------10--10-----10--10----10------|G---------9--9--------9---9------9--9------9-------|D--------------------------------------------------|A------9---------------------------------7---------|E------------------9----------10-------------------|
Pt. 1 Guitar 2 F#minor-C#minor-D-E F#minor-C#minor-D Pt. 2 Guitar 1
U D U D U DE---------9--9--------9--9-------9--9------|B---------10--10------10--10-----10--10----|G---------9--9--------9---9------9--9------|D------------------------------------------|A------9-----------------------------------|E------------------9----------10-----------|
Pt. 2 Guitar 2 F#minor-C#minor-D Verses Guitar 1 & 2 Same as Intro OR can play those chords F#minor-C#minor-D-E F#minor-C#minor-D *Pre-Chorus* Guitar 1 & 2
E---2----------5-------5-----|B---3----------5-------5-----|G---4----------7------7p6----|D---4----x3----7--x2---7-----| x 2A---2----------5-------5-----|E---2----------5-------5-----|
*Chorus* Guitar 1 & 2
E----------2---------------|B----------3---------------|G-----6----4----7777-------|D-----7----4----7777p6-----| x2A-----7----2----5555-------|E-----5----2---------------|
*Bridge* Guitar 1 & 2 E-Bm-D
Song Order Intro Verse 1 Pre-Chorus Chorus Intro Verse 2 Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge Intro Chorus x 2 Your Done!!!!!!!
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