Devotchka - Gasoline Serpent chords

			     Gasoline Serpent - Devotchka
Tabbed by: Dirax
Sadly enough, there are no tabs for Devotchka's first album, Super Melodrama, nor is 
any footage from gigs.

This is my first tab, tried to figure this one out when bored, chords may not be 
correct. It sounds alright when played to the song's rhythm, so listen to that to figure it out.

Capo on 3

C-F(Whistle) 3x
C-F-C --- Verse 1 ---
CIn the gutter gasoline
FSuffocates our self esteem
CDesensitize, desensitize me
FHopeless hearts anesthetize me
C G CYour voice will light our streets when you are gone
C-F --- Verse 2 ---
CThis town is a garbage pile
FIf it takes us down, We'll go out in style
CShe swears she's seen god, And we're all forsaken
FHide the guitars, man,There's windows breakin'
C G CThere is blood spilled on our streets when You are gone
C G CThe blood will cleanse our streets when You are gone
--- Bridge ---
EmAnd I'm left screaming on this thoroughfare,
F#mLies a perfect angel with scattered hair
Emyou tell me it's been lurking This whole time down there
F#mJust to carry you away from here
--- Verse 3 ---
CIn the gutter gasoline
FIt shimmers like a serpent queen
CJunk yard dogs bring angel choirs
Fmy fortune caught with pipes and wires
C G CI worship at their feet when you are gone
C G CI worship at their feet when you are gone
--- Outro 2x ---
C F('ah-Ooh' part) 3x
C-F-C End on C
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