Devotchka - Along The Way chords

im not pretty sure but it sounds right

Intro: E B7

Verse 1:

E B7The gringos block the roads
E B7Inside your head
E B7Are you sleeping it off
E B7when you're not in your bed?
E B7You pray in the darkness
E B7Let me walk in your light
E B7Let me die in my lover's arms
E B7Let me live through this night
A E You are watching over my three brave soldiers
AI have not forgotten
AmI will send you
D7 DSomething...
Verse 2:
E B7So this is the city
E B7So this is progress?
E B7How can something so pretty
E B7become such a mess?
E B7There is more than this steal and stone
E B7More than this flesh and bone
E B7there is a little piece of land in me
E B7that No other man can own
Repeat Chorus Verse 3:
E B7Well shut my mouth
E B7I have nothing to say
E B7except, what is this life?
E B7with no love along the way?
E B7You know that I'm good for it
E B7You know I can pay
E EWe don't have to look for it
E B7It is right here
E B7It's today
Then just Keep playing the E and B7 Chords
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