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When I - Devotion
       -transcribed by Roij (

Intro Uses C# modified Chord from the 3rd fret shown below

e ---3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3------------3------------|b -----3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3--------3---3----------|g -------5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----5----5-------5--------|D ---------------------------------------5-------------------|A -----------------------------------------------------------|E -----------------------------------------------------------|
C# modified Chord from the 3rd frete--0--|-----|-----|b--0--|-----|-----|g-----|-----|--0--|D-----|-----|--0--|A--0--|-----|-----|E--X--|-----|-----|
Bm Chord on 2nd frete--0--|-----|-----|b-----|--0--|-----|g-----|-----|--0--|D-----|-----|--0--|A--0--|-----|-----|E--X--|-----|-----|
Am/Asus Chorde--X--|-----|-----|b--0--|-----|--1--|g-----|--0--|-----|D-----|--0--|-----|A-----|-----|-----|E--X--|-----|-----|
F Chorde--X--|-----|-----|b--X--|-----|-----|g-----|--0--|-----|D-----|-----|--0--|A-----|-----|--0--|E--0--|-----|-----|
G# Chord on the 3rd frete--X--|-----|-----|b--X--|-----|-----|g-----|--0--|-----|D-----|-----|--0--|A-----|-----|--0--|E--0--|-----|-----|
Repeat to C# modified Chord Bridge:
Bb Chord from the 6th frete--X--|-----|-----|b--0--|-----|-----|g-----|--0--|-----|D-----|-----|--0--|A-----|-----|--0--|E--0--|-----|-----|
Am Chord from the 5th frete--X--|-----|-----|b--0--|-----|-----|g--0--|-----|-----|D-----|-----|--0--|A-----|-----|--0--|E--0--|-----|-----|
G#/Ab Chord from the 4th frete--X--|-----|-----|b--0--|-----|-----|g-----|--0--|-----|D-----|-----|--0--|A-----|-----|--0--|E--0--|-----|-----|
G# Chord on the 3rd frete--X--|-----|-----|b--0--|-----|-----|g-----|--0--|-----|D-----|-----|--0--|A-----|-----|--0--|E--0--|--1--|--2--|
Repeat Once then back to Chorus Example using the chords above: C# Bm Am/Asus F G# I sit and think about you your eyes are calling my heart I wish I could give you my love but I don't know where to star (All that I ask) Is to feel your touch and have your hand in mine (To feel your heart) beat next to mine would make my dreams come true. When I'm lost will you find my way. When I cry will you ease my pain. When I fall will you lift me up. When I need some one to love.
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