Dewey Cox - Walk Hard chords version 1

This is my first tab, this is my interpretation on how he plays it in the movie.
By Eric. A


G Bm D Bme----------33-3333-------22-2222---------22-2222-------22-2222--|b----------33-3333-------33-3333---------33-3333-------33-3333--|g----------44-4444-------44-4444---------22-2222-------44-4444--|d----------55-5555-------44-4444-------4-00-0000-------44-4444--|a--2-4-5---55-5555-5-4-2-22-2222-2-4-5-----------5-4-2-22-2222--|E--------3-33-3333-------22-2222-----------------------22-2222--| du udud du udud du udud du udud
Bm D G A F#e--2-22-2222-22-2222-22-2222-22-2220-00-0000-00-0000-00-0002-22-222--|b--3-33-3333-33-3333-33-3333-33-3333-33-3333-33-3332-22-2222-22-222--|g--4-44-4444-44-4442-22-2222-22-2220-00-0000-00-0002-22-2223-33-333--|d--4-44-4444-44-4440-00-0000-00-0000-00-0000-00-0002-22-2224-44-444--|a--2-22-2222-22-222----------------2-22-2222-22-2220-00----4-44-444--|E--2-22-2222-22-222----------------3-33-3333-33-333--------2-22-222--| d du udud du udud du udud du udud du udud du udud du udud du udu--|
E A E D G De----------0-00----------------2-22-2220-002-22-2222-22-222|b--0-00-0002-220-00-0000-00-0003-33-3333-333-33-3333-33-333|g--1-11-1112-221-11-1111-11-1112-22-2220-002-22-2222-22-222|d--2-22-2222-222-22-2222-22-2220-00-0000-000-00-0000-00-000|a--2-22-2220-002-22-2222-22-222--------2-22----------------|E--------------------------------------3-33----------------| d du udud dud du udud du udud du udud dud du udud du udu|
E A E F# e|--------0-00----------------2-22-2222-2-22222-22-2222-2-2222--|b|0-00-0002-220-00-0000-00-0002-22-2222-2-22222-22-2222-2-2222--|g|1-11-1112-221-11-1111-11-1113-33-3333-3-33333-33-3333-3-3333--|d|2-22-2222-222-22-2222-22-2224-44-4444-4-44444-44-4444-4-4444--|a|2-22-2220-002-22-2222-22-2224-44-4444-4-44444-44-4444-4-4444--|E|----------------------------2-22-2222-2-22222-22-2222-2-2222--| d du udud dud du udud du udud du udud d dudud du udud d dudu
Bm D G A F# Walk hard, Hard, Down life's, Rocky road
Bm D G A F# Walk bold, Hard, That my creed, My code
E A E I've been scorned and slandered and ridiculed too
D G D Had to struggle everyday my whole life through
E A E Seen my share of the worst that this world can give
F# But I still got a dream and a burning rage to live
Bm D G A F# Walk hard, Hard, When they say, You're all done
Bm D G A F# Walk bold, Hard, Though they say, You're not the one
E A E Even if you've been told time and time again
D G D That you're always gonna lose and you're never gonna win
E A E Gotta keep that vision in your mind's eye
F# When you're standing on top of a mountain high
Solo: PLAY VERSE TWICE Bridge: NO GUITAR PLAYING You know when I was a boy Folks used to say to me "Slow down Dewey, don't walk so hard" And I used to tell them Life's a race, and I'm in it to win it And I'll walk as damn hard as I please How do I walk boys? {HAARDDDD} Chorus:
E A E When I meet my maker on my dying day
D G D Gonna look him in the eye and by god I'll say
E A E I gave my word and my word was good
F# I took it in the face and walked as hard as I could
Bm Bm Bm Bm----------Bm Walk Hard Walk Hard Walk Hard Walk Haaaaaaaaaaard
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