Deyarmond Edison – The Unseen chords

                      The Unseen - Deyarmond edison         

Tabbed by: loic1307

Tuning: Standard
capo 2

intro G,Em,C,D

Verse 1:

G Em you're somewhere where I can't see it
C Dyou're on the road driving by
G Emyou're the golden light on the leaves
C Dand love is the sturdy tree
C DI've never watched your face
C Dand I've never felt your brace
C Dand maybe I never will
C D Gbut at least I've had them with me... to keep me filled
Verse 2:
G Ema company I would keep
C Dand be the sacred heart I'd reap
G Em the day is strong as it is long
C Dand I love you when I sleep
C Dbut you haven't come to me
C Ddo I wait or do I see thee
C Dlife is certain I'm not sure
C D Gand I will not report... that I'm nothing
Intro X2: Chorus :
C DI can feel the you inside
C Dscratching underneath my hyde
C Dand I know you're around
C Dbut I have to take it a stride
Verse 3:
G Emcoming around a corner
C Dand I'm not sure whats behind
G Em and the landscapes unravel
C Dand I'm on that train they call time
C Dand I take the words that come to me
C Dand fire them from the tops of trees
C Dnever asking where they come from
C Djust where they're gonna be
Gwhen you find them
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