Dia Frampton – Walk Away chords

Capo 2

Em G C Em (x2)[verse]
EmLooking back on younger days
G C EmThe time has passed but nothing stays the same, hey hey hey.
EmShe was such a pretty girl
G C EmWith glowing eyes and yellow curls, hey hey hey
EmStars are in a summer night
G CShe's wishing that they'd fall down through the atmosphere
EmAs a souvenir
EmShe's waiting for her Superman,
G C EmHer Neverland, cause he can show the way, hey hey hey
G D Where's her missing piece her mind's been chasing, chasing?
Em GA bullet with your name, a ticking time grenade
C EmYou better run away, run away, run away
Em GEither way you're screwed, there's nothing you can do
C EmYou better run away, run away, run away
EmOoh ooh
GOoh ooh
C EmOoh-ooh
Repeat the chords for the verse, pre-chorus, and chorus. [bridge]
GYeah, you'd better not sleep
DBecause she's waiting, waiting
EmShe knows all about you;
CYou're in her aim
Repeat chorus x2
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