Diamond Neil – Shilo tab

Here's Shilo from Neil Diamond.
It's from my big sister's original Bang Records

When I was a little kid, I worshipped Neil Diamond.
My sister bought a ton of albums and singles in the
late late sixties and early seventies, 
so this stuff is in my blood.

I also want to mention that I think the totally
undefinable Neil Diamond is still great.  Granted,
orchestrated slow ballads make my skin crawl, but he
could/can kick and rock.

So, here's my formal invitation to Neil Diamond
to come up here to Minneapolis and do 
an unplugged or semi-plugged thing at 1st Ave.  
(If you need a second guitarist, send me mail). 

Neil Diamond


C /// C Young child with dreams F C Dream every dream on your own C F When children play F C Seems like you end up alone C F Papa said he longed to be with you C If he had the time C F G So you turn to the only friend you can find F G F There in your mind CHORUS /* Finger pick the intro riff as you sing - if you can't, the C chords holds up the vocal line */ C Shilo, when I was young I used to call your name When no one else would come Shilo you always came And we'd play Verse C Doubting the years F C Keeping my dreams to myself C F `til a young girl with fire C Made me trust somebody else C Held my hand out F I let her take me C Blind as a child F G All I know is the way that she made me smile F G F She made smile CHORUS C Shilo when I was young .. Solo riff under the orchestra
C F Had a dream and it filled me with wonder C F C G6 (?) C She had other plans F G F Got to go, she said I'd know that you'd understand G F I understand The G6 is trying to mimick the orchestration - give it a try.
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