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Artist: Diamond Rio
Song: Youre Gone Rio Diamond Sheet Music
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"Your Gone"
Diamond Rio
Song writer:Vesner/Williams
transcribed by:Donald Mynes Jr.

Am FI said hello I think i'm broken,
G Emand though i was only jokin
F Git took me by surprise when you agreed
Am FI was tryn to be clever
G EmFor the life of me I never
Fwould have guessed how far
F Ethe simple truth would lead
FYou knew all my lines
GYou knew all my tricks
Am GYou knew how to heal that pain
F Gno medicine could fix
CAnd I bless the day I met you
FAnd I thank god that he let you
C Em FLay beside me for a moment that lives on
Am Gand the good news is I'm better for
F Ethe time we spent together
Dm G AmAnd the bad news is your gone
Am FLookin back its still surprisin
G EmI was sinkin,you were rising
F Gwith a look you caught me in mid-air
Am Fnow I know god has his reasons
G Embut sometimes it hard to see them
F Ewhen I awake and find that your not there
FYou found hope in hopeless
GYou made crazy sane
Am GYou became the missing link
F Gthat helped me break my chain
G F G Am The bad news is Your Gone
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