Diamond Rio - In God We Still Trust tab

Intro -  G  G+D   C  Em  D  G+D    -    G  G+D   C   Em   D

G+D            G+C           G+D              G+C              G+D
You place your hand upon his Bible, when you swear to tell the truth.
            G+C             G+D            D 
His name is on our greatest monuments, and all our money too. 
    G+C              G+D                                 C
And when we pledge allegiance, there’s no doubt where we stand.
        Am                       C            D
There’s no separation, we’re one nation under Him

                 G+D             C
In God, we still trust, here in America
                G+D                     Em         D
He’s the one we turn to, every time the going gets rough.
           Em               G+D                   C            A
He is the source of all our strength, the one who watches over us.
         C          D            G+D
Here in America, in God we still trust.

INSTRUMENTAL BREAK     G+C      G+D       G+C       G+D         D

Now there are those among us
Who wanna push Him out.
And erase his name from everything
This country’s all about.
         Am                 Bm
From the schoolhouse to the courthouse, 
They’re silencing His word
And now its time for all believers
   Am              D
To make our voices heard

VERSE Play complete version above

Here in America
Here in America
         C      D                G+D
Here in America, in God we still trust
G+C      G+D   G+C               G+D      G+C      G+D
Here in America, in God we still trust…………Here in America

                In God We Still Trust -  Diamond Rio
Tabbed by:Bgrant

Tuning: Standard - capo to 4th fret


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