Dick And Dee Dee - The Mountains High chords

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The Mountain s High chords
Dick and Dee Dee 1961

Capo IV  *

D Bm 2x

D BmYeah, yeah, yeah....
D BmThe mountain's high,
D Bmand the valley's so deep
D BmCan't get across,
D Bmto the other side.. . . .i
D BmDon't you give up, baby,
D Bmdon't you cry
D BmDon't you give up till,
D BmI reach the other side.. . . .i
D BmI was lonely, baby,
D BmI couldn't sleep
D BmThe night they took you,
D BmFrom my side.. . . .i
G A G AI was, a lonely soul
G A G AUntil you, became my goal
G A G AAnd then, I saw the spark of love
G AAnd when the stars fell
A7from up above, oh, yeah
D BmI know someday,
D Bmwe will meet again
D BmBut I don't know exactly,
D Bmwhere or when. . . . n
D Bm D BmBut, baby, if fate has it's way
D Bm D Bm We'll meet again some other day . . . a
Bm DThe mountain's high,
Bm Dand the valley's so deep
Bm DCan't get across,
Bm Dto the other side.. . . .i
Bm DDon't you give up, baby,
Bm Ddon't you cry
Bm DDon't you give up till,
Bm DI reach the other side.. . . .i
* Alternate: Capo I D = F Bm = Dm G = Bb A = C set8 http://sites.google.com/site/guitarmusicchordsandlyrics/
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