Dick Dale – Lets Go Trippin tab

So it starts off with the tinny intro riff thing and it goes like this.e|--12--12--12-----12----12--12---|B|--12--12--12-----12----12--12---|G|--------------------------------|D|14------14-----------14------14-|A|----14------14-14--------14-----|E|--------------------------------|
Then it goes into a riff that's like this: (oh and s means sweep, like slowly strum ya just listen to the original and try it and you'll see)e|(S)12-14-12--------12-|B|(S)12------14-12-14---|G|(S)13-----------------|D|(S)14-----------------|A|----------------------|E|----------------------|
Then its just variations of that moved down to A and once B to go with the chords. Just to the song and you should get it.
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