Dickies – Shes A Hunchback tab

The Dickies - She's a Hunchback
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She's a nice girl and i like her style
But she's a hunchback
I'm not a pretty guy got a wooden eye
But she's a hunchback
  D               B
I take her to the football game
 D              B
She's my little notre dame
    C                   A 
And i know things won't be the same
Without a hunchback

Took her to the dance looking for romance
She's a hunchback
And when she does the twist i just can't resist
Watching a hunchback
Everybody's laughing at me
Why can't they just let us be
She'll go down in history
She's got a hunchback

B       C     D            A
I got a hunch then again i just don't know
B                   C         D             A
She drinks hawaiian punch she calls me quasimodo

D#-E                 D#-E
    I'm a lucky fella    she's my esmarelda
D#-E                   D#-E
    Doin' what i oughta    she always brings me water

I know i'm doing well she's ringing my bell
She's got a hunchback
Yeah i'm feeling fine coz she's so divine
With a hunchback
I take her down to gay paris
On films and books we don't agree
She can't walk and i can't see
She's got a hunchback
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