Dido – Isobel tab

Artist: Dido
Song: Isobel

Capo on 1st fret

basic riff:----------------------------------------- ||----------------------------------------- .||----------------------------2------------ || <- my rather----------2--------0----3-------3-------- || pathetic repeat--0---3-------3-------------------------- .|| sign!!!----------------------------------------- ||
You do this as in introduction and all through the verse as well. CHORUS: Dear Is[Am]obel, I wi[G]sh you well and wh[F}at you've done is right. Oh It's be[Am]en such hell, I wi[G]sh you well I ho[F]pe yer safe tonite. Its been a lo[Am]ng d[G]ay coming. and lo[F]ng will it last when its l[Am]ast d[G]ay lea[F]ving and I'm helping it pass by lo[Am]ving[G] [F]you more. At the end of the chorus play a single:
before going on with the main riff. Hope you enjoy this song, it's one of my favourites. Sorry I couldn't be bothered to type out the words. Kaytee or kt
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