Dierks Bentley – Settle For A Slowdown chords

Dierks Bentley – Settle for a slowdown

(Intro)Drop D TuningE}-----------------------------------------|B}-----------------------------------------|G}-----------------------------------------|D}--------------0----------------3--2--0---|A}-----------3-----1-----------------------|E}--0--2--3-------------0--2--3------------|
(Alternate Intro)E}---------------------------------------------|B}---------------------------------------------|G}---------------------------------------------|D}------------------------------------0--------|A}--2--4--5----0--2--------2--4--5-------4--2--|E}-------------------3-------------------------|============================================================================
(Dm) (F) (A#) (Gm) (C) (Dm) I must (F) look just like a (A#) fool (Dm) Here in the (F) middle of the (A#) road (Dm) Standin' (F) there in your rear(A#)view Gettin' (Dm) soaked to the bone (F) (A#) (Dm) This land is as (F) flat as it is (A#) mean (Dm) (F) man can (A#) see for hundred miles (Dm) So I'm still pra(F)yin' I might (A#) see The glow of the (Dm) brake light (F) (A#) But your (F) wheels just turn Down the (Dm) road ahead If it (A#) hurts at all You ain't (C) showed it yet I keep (F) lookin' for The (Dm) slightest sign That (A#) you might miss What you (F) left behind I (Em) know there's nothin' (D/F#) stoppin' you (Gm) now But, I'D settle for A (Dm) slowdown (F) (A#) (Dm) I held on (F) longer than I (A#) should
(Dm) Believin' (F) you might change your (A#) mind (Dm) And those bright (F) lights of Holly(A#)wood
Would (Dm) fade in time (F) (A#) Repeat Chorus Solo But your (F) wheels just turn Down the (Dm) road ahead If it (A#) hurts at all You ain't (C) showed it yet You're just a (F) tiny dot On that (Dm) horizon line Come on (A#) tap those brakes Baby (C) just one time I (Dm) know there's nothing (D/F#) stopping you (Gm) now I'm not (Em) asking you to (D/F#) turn back ar(Gm)ound I'D settle for A (Dm) slowdown (F)(A#) Come on just (Dm) slowdown (F) (A#) I'D settle for A (Dm) slowdown (F) (A#)
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