Dierks Bentley - Fiddlin Around chords

"Fiddlin' Around"
-Dierks Bentley-

Verse 1:
Em CUp in the window light tonight,
G DWhere I can see your silhouette
EmI've been throwing little stones,
C G DBut don't even think you've heard me yet
Em C
EmToday you crossed your heart
CAnd said you would meet me in the dark
EmWhen I called you on the phone,
C DYou pretended you weren't home
G DHey baby, what do you say
EmWon't you come on outside tonight
C GThe moon is finally shining bright as day
DHey, what do ya say
Em CCan't you hear the music in the wind
GAnd see our shadows on the ground
DAw what don't ya come on down
Em D GWe're gonna do a little fiddlin' around
G D Em C G D Em C
Em CCan't ya hear the banjos ringin' through the air
Em CThere'll be mandolins and guitars everywhere
Em C DNow don't ya wanna be there?
Chorus Verse 2:
EmIf you'd look outside you could see the lights
Cof my old corvette
EmAre you trying to drive me crazy babe
C Dor did you just forget
Chorus G D Em C G D Em C
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