Dierks Bentley – Every Mile A Memory tab

Capo 2nd Fret

The first version of this song that was posted was excellent.  I saw Dierks 
play it on CMT's Summerfest though and he had a Capo on the 2nd fret.  I think 
this way is a little easier.

E|-2---3--3--3--3----------3--------------------B|-O---3--3--3--3----------3--------------------G|-P---0--0--0--0----------0-----(played 3x)----D|-A---0--0--0--0---3-2----2--------------------A|-C---2--2--2--2-------3--3--------------------E|-2---3--3--3--3-------------------------------
Intro chord with the run. The run ends up becoming a Cadd9 chord. (Verse 1) G (run) G (run) Country roads, old theater marquee signs G (run) G (run) Parking lots, and billboards flying by Em C Spanish moss, little hicktown squares F Wild roses on a riverbank C Girl it's almost like you're there, oh (Chorus) G Every mile a memory D Every song another scene Am From some old movie C Goin back in time to you and me G Every day a page turned down D Every night a lonesome sound Am G/B C Like a freigh train rollin through my dreams NC Every mile a memory Intro (Verse 2) G (run) G (run) Red sun down, out across the western sky G (run) G (run) Takes me back, to the fire in your eyes Em C Texas stars, in a purple night F Not seein them with you, baby C Oh they never do look right, no (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) F C G Funny how no matter where I run F C Am G/B C Round every bend I only see just how far I haven't come (Repeat chorus) Repeat intro twice until end
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