Diesel - Faith And Gasoline chords

These are the basic chords to faith and gasoline, by Jonny Diesel/Diesel. 
once you know these, you will know the whole song, pretty much. 

intro- F           Bb            C 

E/G# F Bbi see holes in my reflection
C A#/Bb F theres a wind without direction
Bb Cknowing but me to fly
E/G# F Bblooking out the ones who led you
C A#/Bb F on the beach of inversion
Bb D#/Ebtrap paled on i been washed up here tonight
F Bb C and how far will i fall
D#/Eb C before you scale the wall
Bb F D#/Eband tonight i need your faith in me
E/G# Fi'm the polite light
Cand your the gasoline
D Bbi think tonight i need your faith in me
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