Digital Timebomb – Go Karts tab

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Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 16:49:43 EST
From: DTgringo 
Subject: TAB: "Go Carts" by Digital Timebomb

"Go Karts"
Digital Timebomb
>From the album "On The Road"
Written by Adam Gjokaj
Tabbed by Los Pepto Bismol


G D E C |---| |---| |---| |---| |---| |---| |---| |---| |---| |-7-| |-9-| |-5-| |-5-| |-7-| |-9-| |-5-| |-5-| |-5-| |-7-| |-3-| |-3-| |---| |---| |---|
G D Speeding Round the track E D C Gettin' bumped from the back G D Really fast they went E D C The track wasn't made of cement Some guy in a blue car hit me pretty hard he wasn't a drug czar he wasn't in the WWF Poop shit fuck luck the go carts didn't suck The other drivers weren't good they were from the hood It was really hot in there I did not get a scare It was easy to steer To avoid a crash you had to veer Poop shit fuck luck the go carts didn't suck Poop shit fuck luck the go carts kidn't suck.
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