Dillon Bethany - Stop And Listen chords

Verse 1
E A I wake up, Start the rush and pour some coffee
E A Things to do pile up Oh so quickly
E A Too many days I feel like, I run on empty
E ADoes anyone else out there feel like me?
Pre Chorus
B A BBut Id be a fool to forfeit, the chance to take a moment
E F#m A E F#m A B For you to rise like the dawn, over my cold, tired heart
E F#m A C#m B A A/G# F#mWhat I thought I had lost, finds me when I stop
A BStop and listen
Verse 2 Itís the same slowing down lesson we all learn but I dont pay much attention, Till I crash and burn Bridge
E C#m B E C#m So all together, lets stop and sit at His feet.
B F#m AmMy sisters and brothers.
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