Dillon Bethany – Move Forward tab

This songs chord progression is a little difficult at first, but after awhile you'll
get it. Just listen to the song and you'll understand what I mean. I saw a tab of this
song on another site and found it a little off. This may not be the way Bethany plays
it but it sounds a lot better than the other version....If you have any adjustments you
would like to make to it PLEASE email me at Tumblebunny5@aol.com and I will be more than
happy to read your opinions.


The chord fingering (NOT THE TUNING JUST FINGERING FOR CHORDS!) is shown as follows
(eBGDAE)...Just so no one gets confused on the fingering.

     C (010230)   G (320003)   D (000232)   Em (022000)

Bethany Dillon

Standard Tuning
CAPO (1) 


C           G          D            Em
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah,
C          G             D
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah


Verse 1:

   C      G          D    Em
My name is Foreigner
       C G         D
From a far away land
    C      G           D      Em
My feet are covered in earth
             C G           D
They've been here and back again
   C G     D    Em
And I have seen
      C    G        D
Great things from a distance
    C  G    D     Em
They beckon me
  C  G   D
I follow them

    A            Em
And I move forward
A            Em
I move forward
A             Em    C G D Em
I move forward to home
C G  D
To home

Verse 2: 

 (this verse is just like the first. Once you get the rhythm down you can figure this

My eyes are soft and wise
They tell a story
Of things left behind
Defeat and glory

       C G   D          Em            C G D
And     I     push every hindrance aside
       C G  D           Em            C G D
And     I    push every hindrance aside
       C G   D          Em           C G D
And     I    push every hindrance aside


MAY GOD BLESS YOU!  And again, if you have ANY alterations to this tab PLEASE feel
free to email me! I am completely open to changes.

In Christ's Love,

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