Dime Store Prophets - Babys Got A New Dress tab

Originaly Submitted by Aaron Thomas Pierce
but corrected by me

Chorded by:  Luca Trento (Dumelut@aol.com)
Tabs Originaly by:  Brian Pietrzak (Brianp@cris.com)
Tabs Corrected by: Brandon Abbott

INTRO: Dbm  A  Dbm  A  Dbm  A  E  (x2)
FILL1 w/INTRO (listed below)

   Dbm  A   Dbm   A
Salvation in cotton,
   Dbm  A                       E
You've never looked this good before.
Raise your chin child, guilt is not my style.
I'm the one you've been looking for.

A chemical breakfast, and a liquid lunch
Let me be your addiction.
Said he'd love you all night long,
but in the morning he put his pants on and he was gone.
He left you naked.
I'll never leave.

I don't love you for your yesterday's,
 A                                 E
I'll meet you just right where you are.
 A                                 E
I don't care what kind of clothes you wore.
 A                             D
Angels sing and I confess, hallelujah
Baby's got a new dress.

FILL2 (listed below)

I watched you dancing in the arms of another,
Remember, I am the jealous lover.
White looks fine on you.
It cost me a life wages just to give it to you.
My love is truth.


D  A
E              D  A
Who loves you baby,
I do

Solo (too much to tab, sorry)

e|-----------------(12)--------(7)--| () indicateB|--12-10-9------------(12)---------| to playG|----------11-9--------------------| the harmonicD|----------------------------------|A|----------------------------------|E|----------------------------------|
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