Dime Store Prophets - Daddys Gun tab

| Daddy's Gun                                         |
| by: Dime Store Prophets                             |
| from: Brian Pietrzak                                |
| copyright: (C) 1995 Buster's Reunion Music          |

Unofficial Dime Store Prophets Page:

INTRO & MOST OF SONG:e|----------------------------------|B|------3------3--------3------3----|G|--------0------0--------0------0--|D|----0---------------0-------------|A|----------------------------------|E|--3--------3------2--------2------|
Baby wake up your harder days, and let some light break through. You have been down with older ways, you're dying to begin. Your heart now speaks of revolution, but your eyes never leave the ground. You're hard to talk to child, the hardest yet I've found. CHORUS: G C Say good-bye to older days D maybe now your heart can stay. Em C You're giving up, you've had enough, G D you're digging for daddy's gun. Children run out the door to play in daffodils and sun. You say "who need them anyway" and I just can't say enough. Now I'm praying for revolution rising up in your heart, but you say you never knew me shut the shades and cry in the dark. CHORUS Em C G D Solo Em C G D Shine on... CHORUS (x2) Now Shine on, you will shine like the brightest star mount up with wings as eagles and shine on.
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