Dimmu Borgir - Puritania tab version 2

Tabbed by:Logan G

Tuning:Drop (DADGBe)


RIFF Ae|-----------------------|B|-----------------------|G|-----------------------|D|0000000--00-01>-0-0-3>-|A|0000000--00-01>-0-0-3>-|D|0000000--00-01>-0-0-3>-| ....... .. . . .
RIFF Be|------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------|D|55--55--55--55--33--33--5>--3>------| PALM MUTE UNTIL U GET TO THE LASTA|33--33--33--33--11--11--3>--1>------| POWER CHORDSD|------------------------------------|
Sounds right to me. Comment please because its my first one and i decided to do an easy to see how it goes.
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