Dino Stamatopoulos - Closeface chords

F C G Am GM A[1-0-3-5--3--5-][3-3-2-5--5--7-][3-2-0-7--5--7-][2-0-0-7--4--6-][1-1-0-5--3--5-][1-0-3-5--3--5-]
Intro F C G C F C G (First Progression)
CThere's a
F C G C F Cblurry girl at the end of my nose
G CHer name is Closeface,
F C G C F CAnd when she backs away I dont know where she goes
G CThat crazy Closeface
(First progression played a little faster) Shes really different, but shes kind of like you But her eyes are bigger and thereís not always two When I lay in bed she appears out of nowhere If it ever was not Closeface I would be so scared (2nd Progression)
C Am Or if she got a little smaller
GM Am AAnd a little more in focus
Am GM AmShed have to legally change her name
A Am GM Am And then there would be no kiss
A AmKind of need Closeface
GM A AmCloseface kind of need Closeface
Theres a dirty girl and she whispers to me Closeface we kinda need closeface I dont know how much she weighs but shes as big as I can see Close face we kinda need closeface I think she thinks that Im her perfect match Cause Iím just her type when we are attached And when she backs away you are always right there (back to first Progression) When her and I get together, I tell her all my secrets And yes I do talk about you and I have no regrets Thereís a blurry girl at the end of my nose Her name is Closeface (End on C let it ring)
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