Dinosaur Jr – Every Mothers Son tab

Again from Martin + Me - J Mascis Acoustic album, a Lynard Skynard song but I've never heard the original...

Mixture of strumming and some picking - easy to figure the pattern

D* = C-shape at 3rd fret

Fill 1e|---------------|B|---------------|G|-----0---0-----|D|--0h2--0h2--0--|A|---------------|E|---------------|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
VERSE G D C D* Well I've been riding a winning horse G D C Fill 1 for a long, long time G D C D* Sometimes I wonder G D C Fill 1 is this the end of the line G D C D* No one should take advantage G D C Fill 1 of who they are G D C D* No man has got it made G D C Fill 1 If he thinks he does, he's wrong CHORUS G D C Fill 1 Every mother's son G D C D* better hear what I'm saying G D C Every mother's son G D C will rise and fall oneday VERSE Seen it happen so many times, so many times before Some man got so much money he doesn't worry no more Or he's got such a pretty woman that'll treat him fine My friends have all been fools It happens everytime CHORUS VERSE I'm not tryin' to preach to no one, to no one at all Seen a lot of my good friends just rise to fall 'Cause they got so much money or a woman so fine Well my friends have all been fools, it happens every time CHORUS What I say CHORUS What I say Oh, every mother's son will rise and fall oneday And so it goes...
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